805 String Quartet Paso Robles California

In a nutshell:

String Quartet Paso Robles

The 805 String Quartet is a group of expert musicians that serve Paso Robles, CA. We provide wedding ceremony music in Paso Robles, CA as well the entire Central Coast of California.

A String Quartet consists of 2 violins a viola and cello. The string quartet is an excellent choice for winery and resort settings in Paso Robles, CA

The 805 String Quartet also provides music for private parties, business meetings, conferences, awards ceremonies and more in the Paso Robles area.

The 805 String Quartet can also be hired as a String Trio or even a String Duo. These smaller ensembles are perfect for Paso Robles indoor settings, as well as outdoor weddings with modest guest counts.

We offer contemporary music, classical music, Broadway music and standards for your Paso Robles, CA wedding or special event.

The 805 String Quartet are exceptional musicians who perform music across many genres. We are happy to receive your special requests and learn your favorite songs.