What’s So Great About the String Quartet?

Almost 300 years ago in Austria, the famous composer Joseph Haydn is said to have invented the string quartet. It’s the model we still use today, and for good reason. Many would say it’s the perfect combination of instruments. Composers like Beethoven and Mozart did some of their very best work in string quartets.

What’s so special about the string quartet?

To start, each of the musicians play their own unique part, so it’s much like hearing four solos all working together, all creating a single texture. Then you have the full range of pitches covered from the rich low notes in the cello, the deep, mellow sound of the viola, and the brilliant high notes of the two violins, all working together.

This rich sound is perfect for outdoor settings, such a wedding at a Paso Robles Winery.

With four instruments, there’s enough resonance for the sound to carry to the back row of your large wedding seating area. The sound can be even better indoors, like during your cocktail hour.

Composers and music arrangers are still writing string quartet music to this day. Even contemporary pop tunes can work very well when played by a full quartet. In fact the 805 String Quartet is often asked to play music by artists such as Sting, Christina Perri, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran.

That’s the beauty of a string quartet; it’s equally at home with Mozart and John Legend. So it’s always the perfect choice for your central coast wedding. For more information about The 805 String Quartet, visit this page.