The 805 String Quartet Guide to Perfect Music for Your Wedding Ceremony

The music you select for your Paso Robles / Central Coast California wedding ceremony will set the tone and mood for your entire wedding day. Choosing the right music is more than just selecting a song for the bride to walk the aisle. In this guide, we will discuss the various parts of the wedding ceremony that require music and how to work with a string quartet to make your big day unforgettable!

Key Musical Moments of Your Paso Robles / Central Coast Wedding


      • Prelude

      • Procession of the Mothers

      • Procession of the Wedding Party

      • Procession of the Bride

      • Unity Moment (optional/during ceremony)

      • Recessional

      • Postlude (optional)

      • Cocktail Hour

    The wedding processional is when the parents, grandparents, and wedding party walk down the aisle. This usually doesn’t last very long, only about the length of a single song. The bridal procession is when the bride walks down the aisle. The recessional is the wedding party’s exit from the ceremony, starting with the couple. The music that goes along with the recessional is often upbeat and fast-paced since we’re celebrating the excitement of you and your partner as an officially married couple! 


    When it comes to adding music to your wedding ceremony, The 805 String Quartet makes things simple. One option is to let us pre-select our top selections based on your musical preferences. This will add an air of elegance, timelessness, and softness to your wedding ceremony. You’ll be able to audition our list and make any changes you see fit. 


    Of course, many couples provide us with a list of their favorite songs. We are happy to fulfill your requests, and are able to perform music of most any genre. 


    When a string ensemble plays songs you’ve heard on the radio, a there’s an added elegant vibe. If you’re aiming for that kind of elegance and style for your wedding in Paso Robles and Central Coast California, The 805 String Quartet is your perfect choice. 


    When working with a string quartet for your wedding ceremony, there are a few tips to help your day run smoothly. One tip is to know that your quartet/musicians don’t need to start your favorite songs at the beginning. Usually, the processional, bridal march, and recessional will be relatively quick. So, if you have a song you want played, we can start at the song chorus or hook so the song can be immediately recognized by your guests. 


    Another tip is not to worry about timing your walks to the music. As long as you communicate well with your string quartet or musicians, we’ll know exactly what part to start playing your song at. This way, you don’t have to worry about timing your walk perfectly (or painfully slowly). The take-away here is to place your wedding coordinator next to wedding musicians to fine-tune the key moments in real time. 


    Choosing the right music for your wedding ceremony in Paso Robles and Central Coast California is an important decision. It sets the tone and mood for the entire wedding day and makes for a lifetime of special memories. By understanding the various parts of the wedding ceremony that require music and communicating well with your string quartet, you can make your big day even more unforgettable!