String Quartet Wedding Music: Thinking Beyond Canon in D

A Different Drummer

You’d probably agree that Pachelbel’s Canon in D performed by string quartet would be a great musical selection for any Paso Robles wine county wedding. But then again there are plenty of other choices to inspire your wedding guests as you walk down the aisle.
In 2023 many couples march to the beat of a different drummer and want to avoid a copy cat, carbon copy wedding ceremony. With that in mind, here are a few good alternatives for your consideration.

Arioso – J.S. Bach

This 1729 classic was originally performed by oboe with small orchestra, and it’s also a great fit for string quartet. The pacing is similar to Canon, though Bach’s composition offers greater depth of meaning and color.

Largo – J. S. Bach

Another beautifully paced composition, Bach’s Largo was conceived as a concerto for two violins, and so it’s right at home in a string quartet setting. There’s a beautiful, emotional quality to the music, which you’ll soon come to appreciate.

Gavotte – J.S. Bach

This tuneful selection picks up the pace a bit so it can work as a wedding recessional as well as a processional. The 805 String Quartet players will adjust their tempo to fit the mood and size of your wedding party. Originally for solo violin, it has a playful musical energy you will enjoy.

Ancient Airs – Respighi

While the original tunes of this piece are indeed ancient, the harmony and texture was transformed by 20th century composer Resphighi into a brilliant piece for orchestra. Having performed this many times, I can only say that the music is deeply inspired and will similarly inspire your wedding guests during your processional or recessional.

Theme by William Byrd

Best described as regal and emotional, I can only say that this composition has a way of touching your heart. It’s from an old English Pavane and you might agree that its power to reach across the centuries is something incredible to behold.

Any of these selections would be a great addition to your Central Coast California wedding ceremony. Not only for your ceremony, they’re also perfect for the prelude while your guests are arriving and being seated.

Last but not least, you’re not limited to classical music for your wedding ceremony. I remember playing a beautiful Disney song for one bride as she exited her horse drawn carriage and walked up the aisle. It might sound a bit corny, but in the moment it was powerfully effective.

Think about the music you love. The 805 String Quartet will personalize your music for a wedding to remember for a lifetime.